Chester County IU 24: Perfect Attendant Allows Homebound Students to Engage with Their Peers

11 Jun 2019 2:15 PM | Anonymous

Chester County Intermediate Unit’s (CCIU) Perfect Attendant is an innovative solution for students in grades K-12 who are in a restricted setting, allowing them full access to their comprehensive educational program as well as the ability to build and maintain peer relationships. Students are able to raise their hand in class, say hi to their classmates in the hallway and eat lunch with their friends.

Rachel McGlynn, CCIU educational consultant, explained, “The impact of a student getting to participate so fully via the robot is very moving. When you hear the teacher taking attendance in class, and you hear the student say, ‘Here!’ through the Perfect Attendant, you just can’t help but smile.”

Perfect Attendant creates a holistic approach to education and fosters an inclusive and accepting environment in schools by exposing students to non-traditional circumstances. Students are getting an example at an earlier age on how to accept those who may be "different” than them.

“The Perfect Attendant can provide a really vital emotional boost for a student in a challenging situation. The ability to stay ‘caught up’ with your social world and experience education with your peers is something we can provide to students through this very simple technology. It may seem like a small thing, but especially for an adolescent, this can mean everything,” McGlynn continued.

Ashley DeStephano, mother of a student utilizing Perfect Attendant, confirmed, “It’s as if she was right there in the classroom like every other student... it’s more than what we could ever hope for.”

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