Northeastern Educational IU 19: NOLA 19 Consortium Delivers Individual Digital Learning to Students

Northeast Online Learning Academy (NOLA 19) is a consortium of NEIU 19 school districts who have partnered with the IU to deliver individualized digital learning opportunities to their students.  Created as a partnership with Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU), this academy offers many types of courses in grades K-12 from several different digital curriculum providers (Edison Learning, Apex and Accelerate Education).  It assists districts in retaining full time cyber students, providing remediation and enrichment opportunities and providing digital curriculum for blended learning environments.  The curriculum can be purchased by districts with included instructors or without.

Through NOLA 19, districts have the flexibility to offer courses they may not otherwise be able to.  For example, many of their districts use the extensive electives available through NOLA 19 to give their students options to pursue their aptitudes and interests.  “One of our most popular electives is called Natural Disasters.  It’s a really neat course,” commented NEIU 19 Instructional Technology Integration Specialist, Hybrid Learning Coach and NOLA 19 Liaison Lexie Konsur.  Computer coding courses and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are also very popular.  
In addition, the curriculum can be used to offer remediation and standardized test preparation year round.  Curriculum is aligned to PA Common Core standards and can be adapted and modified to accommodate special needs students.  Students have the added benefits of live tutoring help and a rich online environment with plenty of practice of important concepts.
Students, parents and district personnel can get immediate up-to-date data on student progress in a variety of ways.  NOLA 19 students remain enrolled in their home districts, participating in activities, clubs, and sports, and accessing all the services their classmates receive, such as counseling and post-graduation planning. “Our districts routinely utilize this service as a way to accommodate students who are pursuing careers like bull riding, gymnastics and acting/modeling,” said Konsur.
NEIU 19 offers regular training and meetings with consortium Points-of-Contact to keep them abreast of changes and support them in keeping their students successful. NOLA 19 is a cost-effective way for districts to provide outstanding educational opportunities to their students while keeping them connected to their home districts and communities.  More information on the courses offered can be found at in Quick Links under NOLA.

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