Chester County IU 24: From ABCs to Wi-Fi: CCIU's Preschool Online Program

What if customized preschool sessions that engaged students and helped them make progress were only a Wi-Fi connection away?
Parents now have the option of receiving preschool services online through the Chester County Intermediate Unit’s (CCIU) Therapy Connect, a telepractice service that uses video conferencing platforms to create a connection between a student and educator.
Preschool Online was designed to improve school readiness for 3-5-year olds who are unserved by traditional preschool programs, such as home-schooled students, families with limited transportation, students with medical needs and more.
The parent (or caretaker), student and teacher work together to build kindergarten readiness, including academic, social, emotional and physical skills.
Sarrah Pease, Preschool Online teacher, explained the benefits of using the program, “Preschool Online is a wonderful, interactive education alternative for families who have challenges attending a high-quality early education facility. Through the program, parents have the opportunity to take a very active role in their child’s education. Not only do they take part in the teaching and learning process each day with their child, but they are also learning how their children learn, what they need to learn and how to teach them.”
The program includes 90 minutes of direct instruction, facilitated by the parent and teacher, Monday through Thursday. Instruction includes lessons and activities designed to inspire curiosity and creativity. The teacher also partners with the parent to individualize lessons for their child.

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