PAIU Services

PAIUnet is a statewide, high-speed educational network that enables educators and students throughout Pennsylvania to create, communicate, collaborate and share valuable resources to enhance student learning. It increases connectivity between Pennsylvania IUs and school districts providing access to content and resources that will transform the way educational services and information are delivered.

PAIUnet connects all 29 IUs and their member school districts throughout the Commonwealth. It also connects public library systems and charter schools. This project will have an impact on all areas of IU and school services from the business office to the classroom.

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Keystone Catalog
The Keystone Catalog online education portal is a tool to connect educators, parents and students to courses and programs offered over PAIUnet. It places courses and programs in one easy to use site. Interested parties can search for appropriate resources, school administrators can place orders and IU representatives handle the registrations and invoicing.

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