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About PAIU 

The Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units (PAIU) is a nonprofit organization representing Pennsylvania’s 29 regional educational service agencies known as intermediate units (IUs). PAIU promotes educational and operational collaboration; leverages partnerships and resources; facilitates communication on educational practice and public policy; and advocates on behalf of IUs to expand high quality services to students, schools and communities.

Intermediate Units are entrepreneurial, highly skilled, technology-rich, and agile providers of cost-effective, instructional, and operational services to school districts, charter schools, and over 2,400 non-public and private schools. Additionally, IUs are direct providers of quality instruction to over 50,000 Pennsylvania students.

Over the years, IUs have responded to a wide array of needs as they developed in schools and communities throughout the state. Today, IUs continue to fulfill their mission of service by addressing traditional and emerging needs, serving as essential links for learning in Pennsylvania, and as a liaison between local schools and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Pennsylvania's 29 intermediate units were established in 1971 by the Pennsylvania General Assembly to operate as regional educational service agencies to provide cost-effective, management-efficient programs to Pennsylvania school districts.

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PAIU Vision

PAIU is a nationally recognized state education association.

PAIU Mission

PAIU supports Pennsylvania’s education service agencies through advocacy, networking, and innovation.

PAIU Guiding Principles

  • Presume competence and positive intent
  • Build partnership and community
  • Foster respect and strengthen relationships
  • Appreciate differences and uniqueness

PAIU Strategic Priorities

  1. Secure resources and opportunities for the commonwealth’s intermediate units.
  2. Raise the profile and clarify the value of PAIU and the intermediate units statewide.
  3. Leverage the strength and diversity of the intermediate units to maximize the collective impact.
  4. Support the development of a talent pipeline in all areas of education.

Association of Educational Service Agencies

PAIU is a member of the Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA), a professional organization serving educational service agencies (ESAs) in 45 states, including Pennsylvania.


PAIU collaborates with a variety of state agencies and other nonprofit associations that support public education, including: 

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Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators

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