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Serving Students

Intermediate units serve learners of all ages. Some IUs provide educational opportunities starting at birth and continue through older adulthood.

Young Children

Intermediate units provide early childhood education to more than 50,000 young learners through the following programs:

School Age

  • Online education: IUs offer full and part-time cyber education opportunities for 25,000 students who take over 10,000 unique courses
  • Career and technical education: 6,000 students statewide attend career and technical education (CTE) schools operated by intermediate units
  • Special Education: IUs deliver direct instruction and specialized services to thousands of children with special needs, including the following services:
    • speech therapy – 19,500 students
    • occupational therapy – 16,000 students
    • psychology – 16,000 students
    • behavior intervention – 4,000 students
    • deaf and hard of hearing – 3,000 students
    • autism spectrum disorder – 2,500 students
    • transportation for students with special needs - 13,000 students from more than 400 school entities
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